Lord Aleister Chamber II (アレイスト チェンバー Areisuto Chienbā) is the son of the Viscount Druitt. He is the fiancee of Yuki Phantomhive and the oldest of the Chamber brothers, Alabaster and Alexis. He is known to be a famous food connoisseur along with his brothers and has a taste for art and fine parties.


Aleister is a very attractive man of 19 years, he has stormy blue gray eyes and shaggy blond hair complimented by many young ladies as being like golden thread and long eye-lashes. He always dresses in fine clothing, including a white suit, a white ascot with many different pockets and black pants. When he is attending a ball he dresses himself in a simular white suit with a red rose pinned to his chest. Secretly he has a tatoo on his lower back of a small black rose to remind him of his fiancee'.


Like his father he has a love for food and art. However, he only admires and loves one woman, his fiancee Lady Yuki where as his father was found flirting with many young women. He is fiercly loyal to her and will do anything he can to please her and to have his affection returned.

He is highly flamboyant and dramatic, often compairing the tastes of food to different relms and different pieces of art that he has seen over the years. He also has a secret love for chocolate and can find him sneaking a bite of a chocolate bar he keeps in his pocket.

Early LifeEdit

The estranged son of Viscount Druitt after a brief affair with a woman from a party, the young boy grew up named Peter Gillian son of a wealthy lady. It was later when he was 6 his mother died he was discovered by his father, Lord Druitt. The Viscount took him in without question stating that he knew this was his son being that they had the same beautiful faces. He was then re-christaned as Aleister Chamber II after his father. It was when he was 9 years old he was introduced to Yuki Phantomhive who he learned was to be his future wife. He instantly fell in love with her and swore that he would do anything to take care of her and to make her happy. Over the years his two other brothers were discovered, his second oldest brother, Alabaster, and his youngest, Alexis, all three of them sharing hopes and dreams to one day open a restraunt for the rich and the poor in the words of Queen Victoria.