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Elizabeth Ethal Cordelia Middleford Phantomhive (エリザベスがファントムハイヴミッドフォード Erizabesu ga fantomuhaivu middofōdo) is the young wife and cousin of Ciel Phantomhive and foster mother to Yuki Phantomhive. She is the lady of the phantomhive household and is affectionantly called "Lizzie" (リジー Rijī) by everyone.


Lady Elizabeth is a tall and beautiful woman of her age. She has long curly golden blond hair that she keeps up in a high pony tail, she also has a long cowlick on the left side of her face that curls at the end and green eyes. You can always find her wearing pink and frilly cute outfits with lots of frills, ribbons and flowers. On her hand you can find her wedding ring showing her marriage to Ciel.


Elizabeth is a strong-willed and a cheerful woman much like when she was a child. She still has a fondness for cute things and loves to dress everyone into "cute" outfits. She is demanding and very headstrong, she is one of the only people who can dominate her husband Ciel. However, when she upsets someone she feels sad and regretful and cries.

Early LifeEdit

It was 9 years from the presence when Sebastian Michaelis brought a small girl dieing of influenza to her and her husband, Ciel Phantomhive. Feeling empathetic to the young girl, she was the one who nursed her back to health and took care of her. When her husband said no to Sebastian's suggestion to adopting the girl, Elizabeth was wuick to change her husband's mind. Through a little bullying and pressuring he finally said yes thus adopting the girl whom was then named Yuki Phantomhive.