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Grell Sutcliff (グレルサトクリフ Gureru Satokurifu
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) is a shinigami whom is shown to be a trouble-maker always making mischief and getting into troublesome situations. He is assigned to kill Juliet Du Kay for her crimes of eating human souls. However upon discovering she was possessed by a demon forcing her to do this, he is ordered to not kill her. He then becomes her servant while working with Sebastian Michaelis


Grell is a tall and thin shinigami with long red hair. Like most shinigami he has golden green eyes along with fake eyelashes, shark-like teeth, and red rimmed glasses with a skull neck chain. He also wears a suit like other Shinigami that includes gloves and a tie, high-heeled ankle boots and a red coat which he slings off his shoulders and wears around his elbows.


As a Shinigami he is over the top flamboyant, he is also known to put his words into terms of the theater as with the play Romeo and Juliet. He apparently has feelings for Sebastian, though Sebastian finds it disgusting. Although Grell realizes that Sebastian does not return his affections and even finds them distasteful, he is so smitten that he allows the demon to take repeated advantage of him, willingly trading his assistance for small favors (such as Sebastian striking handsome poses for his camera) even when that assistance results in injury or embarrassment. Apparently he feels that any attention from Sebastian is better than none.

He often feels a pang of jealouy when he sees Yuki Phantomhive with Sebastian often getting homocidal erges to kill her but is soon nullified by Juliet or Sebastian every time. However for a time it seemed like he had a soft spot for her, as when Sebastian left for a weak and was the one to take care of her. It, however turned out Juliet had ordered him to be nice to her.

With Juliet, he once saved her when she was a young girl because he found her interesting, (also he admitted he was in love with her red hair). He now has given her the gift to see Shinigami and Demons by axcident which make him attracted to her. He often claims his love for her and is willing to do anything for her even if his actions causes her to beat him in anger. He is souly devoted to her and tells her constantly he wants her to bear his children much to her embarressment.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Grell about his early life before the main storyline, but it is known that he had been tracking Sebastian Michaelis and keeping an eye on Juliet Du Kay as well as keeping up with the Phantomhive family incase Sebastian would return.